Vehicles (Life or Death)

” We come and go, if we leave, only memories and a life full of it…”

Life is very beautiful We see many things in a life like- sometimes we face good or bad things. Humans walk around the world searching for life and they gain many experiences to meet their needs. In this life, we can do anything to live it means that we can kill others as well. In other words we can say that human always struggles to live. In times of conflict, they do something good or bad for profit. Overall we say that life is expensive that is God-given. So don’t waste for bad thing. If seen correctly, life is very long in which we meet our goals. There are many goals in our lives that never end. Perhaps after death all targets can be exhausted. You hear in daily life, some people die before accomplishing their goal. But they strive till the end. All have at least one goal in which they spend their entire lives. During the goal achieved, we fall down and rise several times. Because we are human and never give up.

Human always develops something. He wants to move forward and always try something new to make life easier. In this time, our technology has evolved a lot and from time to time we make advance models. Similarly, we also searched for the wheel and their related products, such as buses, trucks, cars, motorcycles, etc. After the discovery of wheels, we have grown rapidly in the technology sector. We built many vehicles according to usage and will do so in future. The number of vehicles is increasing day by day in our lives. we can also see around us that we are surrounded by vehicles. As the human grows, so does the number of vehicles. Yes, the number of vehicles is increasing in daily life as we need it.


There are following benefits which are given by vehicle in our life :-

After the vehicle arrives, we easily cover more distances in less time. During illness or medical treatment, vehicles directly help us gain a better place and solve our problem. In which vehicles try to get us from one place to another and save lives.

Comfortable is very necessary for human. Before the vehicle, we were facing many problems during the journey such as feeling tired, giving more time, walking in sunlight and lack of food etc. This means that we used to travel without any source in which we take more time and it was not comfortable for humans. But now we travel very comfortable.

Nowadays vehicles help in moving the product from one place to another. We quickly move goods through the vehicle in bulk. We can easily carry anything with the help of a vehicle.

” Death has to come one day, then why do we find a way to avoid death…”

We are human We do not know the whole life how many times we have lived and died. Human body is mortal, one day we will die but we live immortal life. This means that while living life we ​​forget that we can die one day. And this is a good thing in humans. Because living is fun only when there is no restriction on us. Death is a universal truth that comes on a particular day and takes away everything. We wait for death all our lives, but when death is coming, then we want to live more. But everyone die one day. There are many reasons in which we can die such as – illness, accident and age. In this article we will discuss about accident and other problems through vehicle. We always do something new to make life easier. But after innovation, they leave many bad things. The bad things which are harmful to human body. There is no doubt that the vehicle has many good things, but it have also some bad thing.

There are some bad thing which are as follows: -

Our environment is getting polluted every day due to the arrival of vehicles. We are polluting our world for our purpose. Vehicles are also a cause of pollution. Vehicle smoke is very harmful to species and nature. These fumes are rising on a daily basis that cover our environment. Many diseases are caused by these smoke, such as trouble in breathing, skin problems etc. Pollution is also the cause of the greenhouse effect. Clean environment is very important for our life.

Petroleum is very important for us because we generate many energy through petroleum. But there is limited petroleum in the earth, i.e. one day all petroleum will be exhausted. After the arrival of the vehicle, the consumption of petroleum has increased. As we are using petroleum, the time is not far from us, the day all petroleum will be exhausted.

There are many factors that increase death rate but vehicle is also a factor in increasing death rate. We see and hear in daily life that someone dies in an accident due to a vehicle. This means that the vehicle is not good in this case. As the number of vehicles is increasing, the death rate is also increasing. According to the annual report, the number of deaths increases every year.

Our forest has decreased due to the arrival of vehicles. We are making roads, cutting down the forests. Which is not right for animals and nature. Meaning the time to come will not be good for us. The forest is very useful for us because it produces many things that are necessary for humans. Therefore respect our nature and their related things.

-: Conclusion :-

All things have two faces. One face is good and the other is bad. Similarly, the vehicle also has two faces. A face is good for humans in that they save our lives. And the other face is the evil in which they snatch our lives. Overall we can say that the vehicle plays an important role in our life where it has a direct impact on human life.

In this article we try to understand that the vehicle provides both things. life and death. We try to describe how the vehicle gives life or death. So we can never say who are good or bad because they change their perspective according to the situation.

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Value Of Vehicles :-

” When we need someone, then we understand its value…”

We search for something according to desire. The vehicle is also the wish of my life. In daily life, the vehicle directly helps provide comfort.
This article is based solely on the importance of vehicles, their merits and demerits. In which we tell everything about the vehicle. And trying to understand how they directly affect human life. Not only a human life while all species are affected by a vehicle. I know that you think how vehicles affect other species and I will tell that we live in this nature and our nature is in a very serious condition, in which the smoke of vehicles is also the cause of bad nature. Unfortunately if our nature is destroyed then automatically we will also be destroyed. So if you want to save something, then first of all you save our nature.

There are many negative points of the vehicle which have been discussed earlier but there is one other point which is ‘the value of the vehicle in our lives’. Vehicle values ​​mean how they play an important role on human life. We know that in this time we cannot cover the shortest distance without a vehicle because everyone depends on the vehicle. i will want to give some example:-
Currently, there is a lock-down in the entire country, state and district due to corona virus. During lock-down, some rules and policy have been formulated by the government such as – no one can go out aimlessly, no one can drive a vehicle and maintain social distancing etc. After the formulation of rules and policy, vehicles are stopped and no one can move to another location. In this time we need such vehicles, so that we can go home. Then understood the value of the vehicle in human life.

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" If our need is gone, every person will become rich..."

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