Vehicles And Their Documents

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In this time everything has its own document, from which they verify who is the real owner of that thing. This article is based on vehicle documents, which means what documents are required by the government in the vehicle for the people.
Following are some documents that are required when driving :-

  • Licence 
  • Fitness Certificate (Pollution Certificate)
  • RC (Registration Certificate) / Owner Book
  • Insurance

How to make License

Go to R.T.O office first

Make a challan of Rs 1000

After some time, go to R.T.O office for eye and finger scanning again

After scanning, he checks for driving

After 2-3 days, go to R.T.O office for learning license.

Then again make a challan of Rs 3000. Finally you get the original license after 3-6 months

1. Validity of learning license – 3-6 month

2. Validity of original license – 15 year

3. Learning license covers small area of ​​your city.

How to make Fitness Certificate

1. Go to the RTO office where you make a fitness certificate. 

2. In this process, we need the RC document and Rs 80-100.

3. A fitness certificate is obtained quickly.

How to make RC / Owner Book

1. After purchasing the vehicle, the company makes your registration certificate. 

2. 15-30 days after you receive your registration certificate 

How to make Insurance for any vehicles

1. If we buy a vehicle, we automatically make a insurance for the new vehicle.

2. If we make insurance, it is available at the same time.

3. Insurance has some validity period. And after the insurance expires, there is a need to renew.  

If your insurance has expired, go to the company related to the vehicle and re-insure for a specific period.

How to buy a vehicle on Loan

First the company will examine all the necessary documents.

Then they check people’s credit score.

The company sends its partners to the customer’s home for address verification.

Then they approved the loan amount.

Fill all the forms and signatures required by the company.

At the end you get a new vehicle.

In this process, we have to pay 40% down-payment of the total cost.

Some of your documents which are required while making vehicle documents :-

For Licence

  1. Two color photo
  2. Adhar card
  3. Blood group
  4. School/College certificate

For Loan

  1. Adhar card
  2. Pan card
  3. Bank statement
  4. Two photo
  5. Four cheque

Things to note :-

» Some essentials while driving :-

  • Please always carry some documents like RC, license, fitness certificate and insurance while driving.
  • Helmets and shoes are always mandatory.

» Vehicles Number :-

  • Your vehicle number arrives after 1 week and the company also alerts via SMS.
  • If you want to get a specific vehicle number, contact the R.T.O office. In this case you will pay some additional amount. 
Note :- The pollution requirement for a new vehicle is not 1 year.

Values Of Documents In Our Life :-

Documents play an important role in our lives as it helps to verify our identity. Without documents we cannot survive in this modern world. Any document gives information like name, parents name, address, date of birth etc. In other words, documents determine our identity.

As we know that time always changes, in the same way we also change ourselves. In which we have always improved with the help of technology, education and experience. The world of this time is also called the digital world. Because in this time everything happens digitally like – classrooms, documents, chats, meetings etc.

You may have heard that earlier people keep documents very carefully because all documents were physical and there is no backup. There was not good technology at that time. We were very backward. But now we are changing our position and have developed many techniques, in which we make backups of our files and documents and also keep them easily. Like- Laptop, Lamination machine, Mobile etc. After the smartphone arrives, we easily store files and backup them.

We also say that technology is very advanced at this time. Because if someone finds your documents, he can easily get all your information. He can tell everything from your documents. In this time, many information is hidden in your documents like signature, finger scanning, eye scanning, address, tracking chip etc.
Nowadays, a child may or may not have knowledge, but there can many documents. Documents are very important for everyone. So keep it very carefully.

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