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The site is based entirely on the automobile sector. In this we basically provide basic knowledge of vehicles, products and services. Everybody would have probably touched at least one vehicle in life. In modern times, everyone has money but does not have the right information so that they can buy the right goods. This site is very useful for vehicle lovers. Therefore, see the entire site and contact me for the product and service in my place.

What We Offer

  • Bike/Scooter
  • Car
  • Wheels

Bikes and scooters are very popular in the Indian market. We can see at least one bike or scooter available in the family. According to the Indian market, automobile companies always try to maintain their position because India is a developing country in which taste and preference change rapidly. Therefore, automobile companies also try to innovate new products and services.

There are many automobile companies which are producing bikes / scooters in the Indian market.


The car is privacy, comfortable and low-risk compared to a motorbike. It is very useful in terms of long drives and traveling with more than two people. In India, you cannot see a car in every family as it is more expensive than a two-wheeler. But after some time all the families will be able to buy any car. Therefore we provide an online platform to learn about vehicles. After which you can buy any car.

Many car companies are available in the Indian market which are as follows :-


Wheels are supporters of vehicles. This is very important for any vehicle because they cannot move without wheels. Tires, tubes and rims are parts of any wheel. All parts are present in the market with originals and duplicate. There are many types of wheels in the Indian market. There are many types of wheels in the Indian market. All wheels are good according work. So if you want to buy a tire, tube and other parts then come to my site.

There are many wheel company available in Indian market which are as follows :-


  • Products
  • Services

You can buy new and old products at my place. We offer products at wholesale rate. Which contains our core products. Therefore, please visit my place to purchase vehicle related products.

List of some products that are selling :-

  • Tyre ( New, Old, Japanese, Chinese and resole )
  • Tube
  • Rim
  • Bearing


I am here to solve two-wheeler problems for you. We provide service for motorcycles and vehicles wheels. In which all problems are solved by the head mechanic. We also provided onsite services, but only to people from Bihar and Nepal. So contact me to get the best service.

List of services :-

  • Two-Wheeler ( Yamaha, Hero, Bajaj, Tvs, Honda etc)
  • Wheels ( Included Tubeless)


Frequently Asked Questions

Two-wheeler is very popular in the Indian market. Automobile companies get good profit in India. Because it is very much liked by the Indian people. Following are the list of two-wheeler company :-

  • Yamaha
  • Hero
  • Honda
  • Bajaj
  • TVS
  • Mahindra
  • Suzuki
  • Royal-Enfield

More About The Vehicle


1. What is the meaning of vehicle ?

Everything that has wheels and has the ability to migrate. All vehicles are. In other words we can say that all mechanical bodies which have at least one wheel and are able to move from one place to another.

2. Why we use it ?

Human uses nothing without benefit. Similarly, vehicles also have many benefits such as transportation, saving time, traveling more distances and increasing speed etc.

3. Types Of Vehicle ?

As we developed, we also evolved in technology. Like we discovered vehicles and their many types. like- Diesel vehicle, Petrol vehicle and Electric vehicle etc.

4. History Of Vehicles ?

The wheel was discovered in Mesopotamia around 3500 b.c. In this time, people used potter’s wheel. Then several years later, a man manufactured rubber tires for his son in 1888. This rubber tire was made by ‘John Boyd Dunlap’ in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
After the manufacture of tires, people discovered the vehicle in 1885. The first vehicle was manufactured by ‘Karl Benz’ in Mannheim (Germany). He is also called the father of the vehicle.

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